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There is so much preparation that goes into planning for your baby's arrival. It can be so OVERWHELMING at times. Luckily, The Practical Pregnancy Planner is here just for you! 
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I don't even know where to start! I want to tell you so much but if it did it would end up being a book! This pregnancy planner was a long time coming. There were a lot of things in my life that lead to its creation and I want to share my story and how I came to creating this planner with you! To start off lets start at the beginning back in 2010. I was struggling with very painful periods, cramps and I would be in so much pain all of the time. After 3 years of being in constant pain and a lot of research later. I discovered that I might have endometriosis. I went to see a doctor but he told me I was to young to have it. However, I was so sick and tired of being in pain that I demanded that he check me out. We had many doctors appointments and by the 4th or 5th appointment he was confident that I did have endometriosis. 

I was schedule for surgery and they discovered that I did indeed have a moderate amount of endometriosis gunk. Once I woke up from my surgery they told me the good news which was that they removed all the endometriosis out. But the bad news was I had a lot of scaring in my fallopian tubes and that It will be difficult for me to get pregnant or I would not be able to get pregnant at all. I was crushed! All my life I wanted was to have my own children. I went on with my life open to the idea of adoption but I knew that when I got married we would try everything before adoption.

 In 2014 I met my hunk and we were married in January of 2015. In 2016 my amazing husband and I got pregnant after 10 long months of trying! I am so shocked!!! We actually got pregnant when I thought it would be impossible. I was so happy to finally see two lines on a pregnancy stick. Since the 20 other ones were always negative. After the initial shock and excitement of finally getting pregnant (and 4 positive pregnancy tests latter) I became very overwhelming, stressed and nervous. 

I was going to have a BABY! we were going to be PARENTS! holy crap this just became real. We struggled to find the right OB, hospital ( then at 20 weeks I switched to a midwife) everything just seemed to much! I would search and search on Pinterest and Google to find checklists so that I would have everything prepared before our baby came. I didn't feel like I ever found the perfect checklist. When i hit 40 weeks I was so ready to be done being pregnant and I really hoped we got everything we needed (truth is....we didn't) I had to get so many items for myself and our baby AFTER she came! Ug it was so stressful. 

I wished I was way more prepared for birth, for recovery, and added more must have items to our baby registry. Months later after having our baby I heard of other expecting mamas who felt and struggled with the same things as I did! I was shocked! I wasn't alone but there was nothing out there to help moms not go through what myself and so many other moms did. 

That is when I had a huge "aha" moment! I wanted to create a planner that would help first time moms be prepared to become a parent! I spent months and months putting together the ULTIMATE planner. I am so excited to finally be able to share it with you! I don't want you to feel so unprepared like I was. Enjoy this planner and I hope it helps you as much as it has helped other expecting mamas!   
What's Included:
What is the Practical Pregnancy Planner?
It is NOT just another pdf of checklists. It is so much more than that! 
It is NOT just something you print off and leave. But something you follow every week so that you get the MOST out of your pregnancy. 
It is NOT just a pregnancy journal - the things you will
learn in this pregnancy planner can help you have a stress-free pregnancy. You'll be prepared for your baby MORE than you could ever imagine.
The Practical Pregnancy Planner is A stress-free, organizational guide for expecting moms!  
The lack of preparation and organization during your pregnancy are causes of a greater problem that's a little harder to see (that’s the bad news), but a lot easier to
fix (that’s the good news). Inside if this planner you will find everything and I mean EVERYTHING to help you be more than prepared to welcome your baby into your arms. 
After struggling and stressing through my pregnancy and talking with many expecting moms who felt just as overwhelmed as I did. I put together the ULTIMATE planner/guide and memory keepsake that moms wish they had during their pregnancy. You now have access to all the checklists, guides,worksheets, and BONUSES to use to make sure that you feel confident, organized and most importantly...PREPARED to become a mom! 
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“This planner would be a great tool for any mom to plan for their baby's birth!”
Susan Erni
Mama of 1 
"The Pregnancy Planner is AMAZING! It has everything and more that new moms would need to help them prepare for their baby. There is so much content in each section that it will in no doubt help any expecting mom."
Leslie Jeanfreau
Mama of 3
“I love the information and how organized everything is. Everything that I've read is awesome!”
Kennedi Eggertsen
Mama of 1
Introducing The Best Pregnancy Planner For Expecting Mamas!  
Inside Of This Guide, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You'll Be Given...
  • First trimester countdown worksheet: How exciting! Just like the 12 days of Christmas countdown, we’ve designed a beautiful first trimester countdown that you can use to get prepared for the big day!
  • First trimester checklist: 18-point checklist that will help you make sure you don’t forget anything. Everything from picking your provider to making sure your finances will be covered! Learn what you need to be doing daily to make sure you have a stress-free and worry-free pregnancy and what you should include in your sickness survival checklist! 
  • First trimester weight gain tracker worksheet: Record your weight each week with this weight gain tracker. 
  • 2-page Morning sickness survival kit guide: Discover the 17 things you can use (that I also personally used) to get rid of that darn morning sickness!
  • Picking a provider worksheet: Make it easier for you to choose and pick a provider, whether it’s a doctor or a midwife! Also, learn how to choose a place to deliver with the exact 4 questions you should be asking yourself to help you make a wise and safe decision.
  • Meet and greet guide: When I was first pregnant, I didn’t even know what questions to ask. Here are a list of questions I asked and that you SHOULD ask your provider. 7-point checklist to help you ask the right questions at the right time so you don’t forget to ask those important questions to your provider! 
  • Appointment worksheet: Keep track of your appointments, who they will be with, ask questions that you have before each checkup, and include other notes that might be important for your baby’s safe delivery. 
  • Choosing a place to deliver worksheet: There are a lot of different hospitals and birthing centers that choosing a place where you would want to have your baby can seem overwhelming. You want to pick a place that will give you and your baby the best care. Use this worksheet to easily help you find a place to deliver your baby that you feel comfortable and confident in. 
  • First trimester pregnancy moments worksheet: Keep track of the 4 “mommy norms” so that you can remember every single one of your pregnancies.
  • 9 week-by-week worksheets: So many changes are happening with your body and your baby's body. To keep track of those changes and moments. Use these week-by-week worksheets to record what is going on each week! 
  • Second Trimester Countdown: Woohoo! Your first trimester is over. Now it’s time to keep track on your second trimester countdown. Check off each circle every day and watch as you get closer and closer to your third trimester! 
  • Second Trimester Checklist: Use this checklist to keep track of what you need to complete during your second trimester. Don’t wait until you’re almost in your third trimester to complete this checklist. Hopefully you will have more energy now during your second trimester, now is the time to do these things! Learn exactly everything you need to do during weeks 14-27 by using this 35-point checklist! 
  • Second Trimester Weight Gain Tracker: Record your weight each week with this weight gain tracker.
  • Appointment Sheet: Print this off and take it to your doctors appointments to make sure you don’t miss anything! Don’t forget what the doctor says and write it down. Use the 3 sections to write important questions included to make sure you don’t forget them during your appointments!
  • Pregnancy Announcement Ideas: We’ve included 20 fun ways to announce your pregnancy! Number 15 is my favorite 🙂 
  • Sharing the news: Ready to share the news? Use this sheet to write down who you share the news with, how you did it and what their reactions were! This will be a fun memory keepsake to look back on!
  • Second Trimester Bump Picture Templates: You may be surprised at how quickly your body changes to make room for your baby. Take a bump picture every week starting at the beginning of your second trimester and add them to the designated spots on the second trimester bump picture sheet. If you are a few weeks into your second trimester, start taking pictures now!
  • 15 gender reveal ideas, checklist, and planning: If you’re finding out the gender of your baby you can use this sheet to help you come up with a theme an a way to share your baby’s gender. There is also a gender reveal checklist sheet. Use this checklist to help you plan the gender reveal party! # 9 is my favorite! You also get a planning sheet that will help you get all of your ideas out on paper so that you can plan the perfect gender reveal party! 
  • Sharing the baby’s gender, guest list, budget sheet: Use the Sharing Baby’s Gender sheet to write down with whom you shared with, when, how and what their reactions were. You can use the Guest List to write down the name, number, and address of those you want to invite and hand it to the person who is helping you plan your gender reveal party. Lastly, it is easy to get carried away when planning a party. To help you out, use the gender reveal budget form.
  • Baby’s name and name game: Each baby name sheet is designed to help you pick a name that you and your partner both love. There is a lot that goes into picking your baby's name and this sheet will help you do just that! Use these 8 questions that most couples already ask themselves to help you decide the perfect name for your baby!
  • Nursery planning: It is very fun but also stressful to plan your baby's nursery. The Practical Pregnancy Planner is all about helping you have a stress free pregnancy. You will find 5 worksheets to help you plan and organize the baby nursery. Fill out each sheet to help you put together the baby nursery! 
  • Registry worksheet: It is important to continue to work on your relationship with your partner during your pregnancy. You can work on these sheets for date nights or any time you and your parter would like. There are parenting questions, becoming a mom and dad questions and date night ideas. These sheets are perfect to help you and your partner bond with each other and your baby.  
  • New parent tips worksheet: It can be overwhelming at the thought of becoming parents. Honestly, there is not much to help you prepare to become new parents. You can go through this worksheet to help cover the basics of caring for a newborn and becoming new parents. Do your research on each topic then check off the boxes as you and your partner go through each section.
  • Social media worksheet: There may be some things that you and your partner do not want to share on social media about your baby. Go through this worksheet with your partner to exstablish the rules on social media that you and your partner want to follow.
  • Second trimester pregnancy moments: Use this sheet throughout your second trimester to keep track of fun moments that you want to remember. Not all the questions you will be able to write a response for right away. As you progress through your second trimester keep referring back to this sheet.
  • Week by week: Your body and baby are changing so frequently that each week you may notice something new. With these week by week worksheets you can keep track of everything that you want to remember and things that you notice are changing with you body or baby! 
  • Third trimester countdown worksheet: By now you may be "done" being pregnant and ready to welcome your little baby into your arms. Use this countdown to mark off each circle and watch as you get closer and closer to meeting your baby!
  • 2-page third trimester checklist: The third trimester is the time to start finishing any last minute things and be fully prepared to become parents. To help you be fully prepared to welcome your baby home. Use these pages to help you complete any last minute items!
  • Third trimester weight gain tracker worksheet: By the third trimester weight gain tends to slows down a little. To help you make sure that you are still gaining the right amount. Use this weight gain tracker sheet to help make sure you and baby are gaining health weights!
  • Appointment worksheet: Doctor appointments become more frequent in your third trimester. Doctors will talk to you a lot about delivery, early delivery signs, how to keep track of your baby's movements and more. There can be a lot of information thrown at you that it can be hard to keep track of. To help you make sure you are not forgetting anything that was said at your appointments. Use this appointment sheet that you can take to each appointment!
  • Choosing a pediatrician worksheet: I didn't even think about this until our baby was born. I wish I would have been more prepared! I don't want you to end up in the same situation I was in. To help make sure you pick the BEST pediatrician use this worksheet to list pediatrictions that you find and like. 
  • Meet and greet questions guide: Once you have a list of pediatricians that you like what questions should you even ask them at a meet and greet? No worries mama! we got you covered. Use these meet and greet worsheets to help you find a pediatricain that you are comfortable with and confident in! 
  • Choosing a photographer worksheet: Are you considering paying for a photogragher to capture the big day? or are you wanting a maternity shoot? Use this worksheet to help you easily organize the photographers you like, their packages and prices. 
  • Photography checklist: After you pick a photographer. Use this checklist to make sure you will have everything such as outfits for your maternity shoot or for hospital shoot, what your package includes and more! 
  • Important numbers worksheet: This sheet is a lifesaver! If you are like me I tend to miss place numbers. When you go into labor you don't want to be franticlly searching for your doctors number, hospital number, midwife number or any other important number. To help you keep them all in one place. Use this sheet to help keep all of the most important numbers in one place!
  • Choosing a daycare worksheet: Are you planning to go back to work once your maternity leave is over? It can be scary leaving your baby in the care of someone else. To help you make sure you find a daycare that you are confident in. Use this worksheet to write down the daycare centers that you are considering. 
  • 3-page Daycare tour questions guide: Finding daycares you like is one thing. But the most important thing is touring the daycare centers and asking A LOT of questions. To help you not miss any important questions. Use these 3-page daycare tour guides that are specifically designed to help you find a daycare that you love and trust. 
  • Choosing a nanny worksheet: If you are planning to go back to work but would feel more comfortable hirring a nanny to watch your baby then we got you covered. Use this worsheet to write down some of your favorite nanny's and their interview dates so that you don't forget!
  • 3-page Nanny interview questions guide: It takes a lot to find a person that you trust to come into your home and care for your baby. This interview processes shouldn't be taken lightly. We want to help make sure you find a nanny that you love, trust and are confident in. To help you do that. Use this 3-page nanny interview questions guide to make sure you are asking all the important questions and that you find the perfect nanny. 
  • Meal sign up worksheet: Even if you have prepared freezer meals. Sometimes it is nice having someone bring you over a hot mean thats ready to eat. There will be many family memebers, friends and neighbors willing to bring you a meal for the first few days after getting home. To organize who and when those meals are bring brought. Use this worksheet to make it easier for you and others! 
  • Hospital visitors worksheet: You may get a lot of people saying that they want to visit you at the hospital. After having a baby you, baby and dad will need to get sleep, time to relax and make sure baby is healthy to go home. To help you not get bombarded by visitors. Use this worksheet to schedule time for people to come and visit you. Then you won't be surprised by an unscheduled visitors. 
  • Home visitors worksheet: Some people will want to visit you once you get home. Hopefully before anyone comes to visit you and your little family have time to spend alone, get adjusted at home and some sleep. To help you plan time for people to come and visit you. Use this worksheet to schedule any home visits. 
  • Waiting for baby checklist: Waiting until your baby arrives can be HARD! I remember hitting 40 weeks and still no baby. I was "done" being pregnant and wanted to hold my baby. To help you get through thoses last few weeks. Use this checklist to help keep your mind and body occupied while you wait for your baby to arrive. 
  • Letter to my baby from mom letter worksheet: This is a super fun memory keepsake for you and your baby. This letter is for you to write down your birth experience and what it was like holding your little one for the first time. This will be something special that your child can look back at when they get older. 
  • Letter to my baby from dad letter worksheet: This worksheet is for daddy to write a letter to the baby as well. That way your child will have a very special letter from mom and dad. 
  • 13-page week-by-week worksheets: In the third trimester you are finally in your last final weeks. Not much may change each week but it is still great to keep track of what you are excited and nervous about. Use this worksheet to write down anything new or fun that you want to remeber in your final weeks before your baby comes! 
  • Kick counter: It’s very important to keep track of your baby’s movements and kicks are very important during your third trimester. Keep track of those little kicks! 
  • Hospital Bag Checklist: Mom’s Bag: 30 must-include items that you will need to back weeks in advance before your due date. Pack this yourself or give it to your husband to put together!
  • Dad’s bag: 15 must-include items that you will need to keep dad happy, healthy, supportive, and productive during the delivery and stay at the hospital!
  • Baby’s bag: 12 point checklist to make sure you don’t forget any essential item to bring your baby home safely! Everything you need to prepare and plan to include in your hospital bad for yourself, dad, and baby!
  • Hospital Tour Questions: 33 vital questions every mother should be asking their provider and hospital to make sure everyone is on the same page as the soon-to-be-mommy! Make sure to use these questions while on your hospital tour!
  • Birth plan: Not sure how you want your delivery to go? That’s ok. Use this 20-point, A-Z checklist with over 130 checkboxes to make sure your provider and hospital know your delivery expectations to make sure you have a seamless, perfect delivery. Creating and filling out a birth plan will help you and others know what your expectations are on the big day. You need to be prepared for every situation that might present itself to you so this is very important to have.
  • Labor and delivery preparation guide: Scared of childbirth? Not sure what to expect? Are you feeling lost and scared? Use this 11-step guide to prepare yourself mentally for your labor and delivery. Labor and delivery is not what most expecting mothers expect. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. To help ease your mind and prepare yourself you can use this labor and delivery prep worksheet to help prepare you for the big day!
  • Labor and delivery preparation guide for dad: Just like mothers need to prepare themselves, dad’s need to do it too. For a risk-free pregnancy, you both should be on the same page. Use this 11-point guide to make sure dad is prepared just as much as mommy. Dad-soon-to-be is not delivering a baby, but are still a huge part of labor and delivery. Use this worksheet to make sure dad-soon-to-be is prepared!
And That's JUST The First 154 Pages...
*Order TODAY and Receive These BONUSES: Breastfeeding handbook, Postpartum Recovery & Baby Log Tracker!
  • Breastfeeding Basics: There is a big learning curve when it comes to breastfeeding. To help you not feel overwhelmed or stressed. Use this breastfeeding basics worksheet to help you understand the basics of breastfeeding.
  • Dad's Role In Breastfeeding: Dad's are not sure of how to help mom or what role they play in breastfeeding. Which may make them feel helpless and wish they could help more. To help soon-to-be-daddy. Use this worksheet which will help dad understand his role in breastfeeding and how he can best support mom. 
  • Nursing A Newborn : Nursing your newborn for the first time isn't all that easy. It may take your baby a few tries before they start to get the hang of it. Newborns need to nurse often since their tummies as so small. To help you better understand nursing your newborn. Go over this sheet so that you will fill confident nursing your baby. 
  • Encourage Nursing: Your baby may need a little encouragement to nurse at least until they understand that nursing means food. This sheet talks about 4 different techniques that you can use to help encourage your baby to latch and nurse. 
  • Hunger Cues: Baby's have different signs and crys to let you know when they are hungry. There are three main stages which are. Early hunger cues, active hunger cues, and late hunger cues. It is important to understand what each cues look like so that you can nurse your baby before they reatch the late hunger cues. Use this worksheet that will help you understand each stage and what each cue looks like.  
  • Latching Properly: When your baby latches poorly it can be SUPER painful. They may not get full feedings, get mouth sores, and become frustrated while nursing. This worksheet shows you what the proper latch looks like and what it should feel like. That way your will know if your baby has the correct latch or not!
  • Breastfeeding Holds: There are 4 different types of holds that you can use while breastfeeding your baby. Some may be easier for you and baby then others. Use this sheet to see how to properly do each hold and you can find the one that is the best for the both of you!
  • Feedings: 3 sections that are all about feedings. Such as what side to nurse on, burping, and knowing how long to nurse. Each one is there to help you have successful feedings everytime!
  • Night Time & Cluster Feedings: Night time and cluster feedings seem to be some of the most difficult feedings. Luckily, this sheet covers how to do night time and cluster feedings so that you will be a total pro in no time! 
  • Bottles & Pacifiers: When it comes to bottle feedings and the use of pacifiers it can create some confussion for your baby and they may get what is called "nipple confussion". To help you and your baby avoid this. Use this sheet to know how much to give your baby in a bottle feeding and when to introduce bottles and pacifiers. 
  • Pace Feeding: Have you ever heard of "pace feeding"? I didn't until my baby was a toddler! I wish I would have know what it was earlier. This pace feeding technique is perfect to use if you are planning to go back to work and your going to be giving your baby bottles. Use this form to know how to do pace feeding and to teach the daycare center or your nanny if they don't already know it. psss...pace feeding is a way to mimic breastfeeding!
  • Pumping Basics: At some point after having your baby you are going to use a pump. You may want to pump if you go back to work, if you go on a date night, or for any other reasons. You can use this sheet to help know how to pump, how much milk to pump and other pumping tips what will help you become an expert pumper! 
  • Breastmilk Storage: Storing pumped breastmilk is one SUPER important thing to know. If you store milk wrong or unthaw it wrong it can kill the good nutrients in the milk. To make sure you are going everything correctly. Use this sheet to know what temperatures to store breastmilk at, how to correctly unthaw it and other breastmilk storage tips that are vitally important! 
  • Increasing Breastmilk Supply: There are many reasons why you may have a low breastmilk supply. It could be because you are not drinking enough water, not nursing frequently enough or not giving your baby a full feeding. What ever the case. Use this sheet to find out different tips to help you increase your breastmilk supply quickly.
  • Clogged Milk Ducts: Getting a clogged milk duct is THE WORST! and if not treated quickly can turn into mastitis. This sheet covers what signs and symptoms of a clogged milk duct are, how to quickly treat it and if you do get mastitis "what to do next". 
  • Donating Breastmilk: If you have any left over breastmilk that your baby is not using. Instead of dumping it down the drain and wasiting "GOLD" you can donate your milk! Use this sheet to help you know how to donate any left over milk and what companies are amazing milk banks. 
  • Common Breastfeeding Challenges: As a first time mom you are going to run into some challenges when it comes to breastfeeding. Trust me, you're not the only one! This sheet covers the most common breastfeeding challenges and how to deal with them. That way you don't need to stress over any breastfeeding challenges that may arise! 
  • Thrush & Food Sensitivities: These are two of the more common challanges that you may run into once your baby is born. What may seem like normal newbornisms could be signs that your baby has thrush or a few food sensitivites. Use this sheet to help you know the signs and symtoms and what they look like.  If you suspect your baby may have these it is important to schedule an appointment with your baby's pediatrition.
  • Weaning Off Breastffeding & Bottles: When the time comes where you are ready or your baby is ready to start the weaning process is where you will use this sheet. You NEVER want to rush the process. Many moms who try to wean from breastfeeding or bottle feeding to quickly run into a number of problems. This sheet is here to help you and your baby wean at a good pace so that you will avoid any unwanted complications! 
  • Postpartum Recovery Checklist: Birth takes a HUGE toll on your body. It is important to give your body time to recover after having your baby. To help you recover quicker and easier use this 12 point checklist to help you on your road to recovery. 
  • Postpartum Prep For Dad: Since mom to be will be taking things slowly for the first few weeks after the baby comes it is important for dad to help out as much as he can. To help dad be prepared on how to help mom during this time. Use these 15 things to help mom and give her support.
  • Postpartum Recovery Kit Checklist Start putting this checklist together when you start packing your hospital bags. This kit will help you make sure that you have all that you need from when you get home from the hospital to help you recover from birth. Be patient with yourself, daddy-soon-to-be, and baby during this time. Make sure you have these 26 things packed and ready to go to help make recovery is quick and easy.
  • Baby Log: When you are sleeped deprived from night time feedings and adjusting to life. You can easily forget when you last feed your baby, which side, or even how many oz they took from a bottle. To help you keep track. Use this sheet to mark the time you started a feeding, which side, how long you pumped, and even how may pee and poo diapers where changed. When you forget you can quickly check your sheet! 
  • Growth Tracker Chart: It is important to keep track of your baby's growth with in the first year of life. If your baby is not growing then something maybe up. You can easily keep track of your baby's weight, length and write down any notes when using this sheet. 
  • Growth Tracker Graph : Just like the growth tracker chart you can also use this sheet to see even more easily how your baby is growing. You will see what your baby's growth looks like over a period of time. If anything comes up you can take these sheets to your baby's doctor so that they will have more to add to their records besides what information they take at appointments. 
 Will this planner work for me if I am in the first trimester? 
YES! this planner is PERFECT for you if you are in the first trimester! You are just starting out and there is no better way to start off your pregnancy right.
 Will this planner help me plan my gender reveal party?
This planner includes EVERYTHING that you need when it comes to planning your gender reveal party. Plus there is even a list of 15 super fun and cute gender reveal ideas!
 Will this planner help me have everything prepared before my baby arrives?
That is a big fat YES! That is why I created this planner. This planner is here to help mamas like yourself have everything prepared before their baby arrives. You will feel confident and ready to become parents. Not only is this planner made to help you during your pregnancy but after as well! 
 What if I am in my second trimester? 
Mama, if you are in the second trimester this planner is STILL for you. Since you will be getting the first trimester as well, it will be great for you to look back and add any special first trimester moments and also to make sure that you have completed everything in the first trimester. 
* If you would like to only purchase the second trimester please click the button below*
 Will this planner help me put together my baby registry?
YES, YES....and YES! there are 3 worksheet which will help you create the perfect baby registry. These worksheets even include must have items that will help make mom life so much easier! 
 Will this planner help me plan my baby shower?
YUPPERS! even if you are having a family member or friend plan your baby shower they can even use these sheets to plan the baby shower that you are expecting. You will get a budget form, guest list, thank you lists and so much more so that you get the perfect baby shower! 
 Will this planner help me prepare for labor & delivery? 
Since birth is one of the most nerve-racking things to think about. I spent extra time making sure that you will feel more than prepared. There are 15 worksheets that will prepare your for birth. You will be getting birth prep worksheets, hospital bag checklists, birth plan and more all dedicated to helping you have a stress-free, panic free, and anxiety free birth.  
 What if I've already had my baby shower and the nursery is done? 
No worries! you can still use this planner even if you have already had any parties, created your registry, and have set up the nursery. You can use these worksheet to help make sure you didn't miss anything. You don't want to bring your baby home to find that you don't have an item when you need it. It's always best to be prepared before hand.
 Can I use this planner if I am in my third trimester?
You sure can! This planner is perfect no matter what trimester you are in. Even if you are in your third trimester you can look through the first and second trimester sections and add pregnancy moments, check out the checklists to make sure you haven't missed anything, and you can use this planner again and again for each pregnancy!
* If you would like to only purchase the third trimester please click the button below*
 Will this planner help prepare soon-to-be-dad?
YES! within each section there are dad prep worksheets as well. Each of these sheets will help soon-to-be-daddy know what to expect, how to support mom and how to prepare to become a dad. 
 Will this planner help me prepare for breastfeeding?
You know it! There is a big learning curve for mom and baby when it comes to breastfeeding. The breastfeeding handbook is there to help you know how to breastfeed, deal with common challenges, how to pump, and so much more! 
 What if I only want to buy the 2nd trimester or 3rd trimester?
If you only want to purchase the 2nd or 3rd trimester you totally can! To do so. Click one of the links below:
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